Horizon’s Stratus Cloud ID Solution

Horizon’s Stratus Cloud ID Solution is Web-Based. Only a web browser and internet connection are required to access the application so there is no need for servers, licenses, or other costly IT infrastructure components. Included with your monthly subscription fee are: your choice of functionality that meets your agency’s needs; an efficient implementation; user training; and, ongoing customer support.

Three Subscription Levels available to you:

  • ID PRO



Horizon’s Stratus Cloud ID Solution is certified with the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) as it relates to billing preparation. Stratus Cloud ID Solution electronically submits timely filing of validated and readable HIPPA compliant transactions in an 837-file format. Claims are submitted using a batch transaction through the Batch Bulletin Board System (BBS) website. Once processed, the batch file is uploaded to the PROMISe site. The user will know immediately if a claim submission is paid, denied, or suspended. If the claim is denied, the user can review the error, fix the claim, and resubmit. Immediately re-submission results will be received.

In addition to the electronic 837 batch file process, the Stratus Cloud ID Solution also supports paper claims to PROMISe using a CMS 1500 form, which currently is another acceptable way to submit claim transactions.

EDI Billing

Submission of accurate claims in a timely manner is an essential part of the billing process within Horizon’s Stratus Cloud ID Solution. A verification of eligibility process and an authorization process ensure claims submitted have appropriate authorized units before submitting the services rendered.
The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) billing functionality helps providers minimize data entry errors by validating the Pre-Billing Report to ensure the information within the file meets all requirements. Once the reports have been checked, an 837 file is created and is sent to PROMISe for claims processing.


Horizon’s Stratus Cloud ID Solution provides an integrated solution for documentation, communication, and reporting needs of providers rendering services in a variety of settings. The Stratus Cloud ID Solution can serve as a seamless communication link of daily reporting and timely sharing of information among staff members and families. The Stratus Cloud ID Solution is HIPPA compliant and facilitates users’ easy data entry of individual and group notes; templates for individualized service plans; monthly progress notes; and, other daily documentation. The individuals’ records are maintained by the staff and the information can be retrieved and viewed quickly and easily.

Easy Service Entry

Services can be entered by staff from anywhere an Internet connection and Web browser are available. Staff can enter services while in the field at the time services are provided. Services may also be approved so claims can be submitted for payment. Horizon’s Stratus Cloud ID Solution includes:

  • Time-Based Service Entry
  • Residential Eligible/Ineligible services entry
  • Service Plan set up
  • Daily Note
  • Monthly Progress Note

Standard Reports

Reports are an essential component of Horizon’s Stratus Cloud ID Solution. Reports can be exported into an Excel format.

Package reports include:

  • Billing Report
  • Authorization Compare Report, HCSIS versus Horizon
  • Missing Service Listing
  • Service Detail Report
  • Service Detail Report by PROMISe Status
  • Unauthorized Report
  • Reconciliation Revenue Report
  • Pre-Billing Report
  • EDI Billing Report
  • AR Aging Report

Other Reports include:

  • Authorization Report
  • Summary by Consumer/Service Location/Service Report
  • Active Consumer List Report
  • Daily Document Detail Report
  • Daily Document Summary Report
  • 90 Day Summary Report

Priority Support

Horizon prides itself with exceptional customer service. With the Stratus Cloud ID Solution, users submit help-desk incidents by phone or by on-line portal. The user can expect a 2-hour response time from a software expert.

Access to How-To Documentation

Step-by-step How-To documentation is imbedded within the Help Files of the Stratus Cloud ID Solution along with instructional videos. Comprehensive on-line support is at your fingertips.


In addition to the offerings in the ID STARTER SUBSCRITION, the ID PRO SUBSCRIPION also includes:

Auto-create Service Plans

Based on the previous fiscal year, Stratus Cloud ID Solution will create new service plans for all individuals with a default set of units. As the Supports Coordinator updates HCSIS, the units can be updated in the Horizon service plan. This will ensure the billing process runs smoothly and without errors.

Rate Forecasting

Each week a comparison report can be run to ensure the billing rate matches HCSIS. The report compares individuals, dates, and units in HCSIS to that in Horizon’s Stratus Cloud ID Solution. If there are discrepancies or errors on the report, changes can be made prior to beginning the billing process. This process will minimize the number of errors that would occur during billing. Unless the errors are corrected, they will continue to appear during the billing process going forward.

Merge Letters

Functionality within Horizon’s Stratus Cloud ID Solution allows users to create merge letters to be sent to individuals. Once the letter is set up, it can be produced and sent quickly for those individuals meeting the criteria. The individual’s specific information will be automatically merged within the letter. It can then be changed, saved, and reused as often as possible. This capability within the Stratus Cloud ID Solution will simplify the process and will save time and effort.


Documentation formats connect services delivered, progress made, and claims for payment in an accurate and controlled manner. This connection supports the service as being reasonable and necessary and ties the service back to the service plan and/or support plan.

835 Import and Reconciliation

Horizon’s Stratus Cloud ID Solution automatically reconciles the HIPPA compliant PROMISe 835 Electronic Remittance Advices (ERA), which plays a critical role in a provider’s financial reconciliation process. The files are uploaded and programmed to translate the data contained in the 835 and automatically apply payments directly to individual accounts.

Data Conversion

A Data Conversion utility is used to convert HCSIS service authorization notifications for each location into Horizon’s Stratus Cloud ID Solution. The data migration process, which is the first and most critical step, efficiently facilitates the accurate up-load of current data. The data is immediately available upon going live. This process mitigates the risk when moving data to a new software application.


In addition to the offerings in the ID STARTER and PRO subscriptions, the ID ENTERPRISE SUBSCRIPTION also includes:

Individual Service Documentation

Horizon’s Stratus Cloud ID Solution gives users the ability in the Web App to create individualized questions to be answered for each service provided. To save time, there is functionality that allows sections of the ISP to be inserted into the documentation. Once all the documentation is entered, a service record will automatically be created. Connection of the data is made from individual support plans to program plans and staff documentation.

Mobile Extensions

A phone/tablet application will allow users to enter service entry and documentation with various types of devices from anywhere there is an Internet connection. With access from the field, staff can monitor outcomes and progress for individuals, as well as keep track of individual participation in community activities.

ISP Integration

By connecting to the HCSIS ISP, users can download information into Horizon’s Stratus Cloud ID Solution. Therefore, complete information will be at the user’s fingertips within the Stratus Cloud ID Solution, i.e. eliminating the need to print the ISP. Functionality also enables the user’s ability to copy sections of the ISP and paste the information directly into daily/monthly documentation. Users have access to the information necessary to ensure an individual’s support plan is implemented and needs are met. In addition, a process can be run to compare the current ISP in Stratus Cloud ID Solution to what may have changed in the HCSIS ISP.

Billing Assistance

With the user’s permission, a Support Tool provides Horizon experts access to a user’s desktop to provide fast and responsive customer service for billing assistance or other data items that needs addressed.

Success Manager Access

Get help when you need it! Horizon experts are readily available to work with users on process questions or process maps for your agency. We pride ourselves on providing you with excellent support, and we’re always glad to help!

Electronic Attachments

Horizon’s Stratus Cloud ID Solution gives users the ability to scan documents and attach directly to the individual’s record. Scanning documents streamlines file access across the agency, and the files can be retrieved quickly and easily. Scanning documents also prevents excess paper from building up. Most importantly, document scanning makes it easy for your agency to fulfill its legal and regulatory obligations.